Start using the SBDC Advisor Portal now

Here's how:

Step 1 - Refer Your Clients To Fill Your Portal

The first step in using the SBDC portal is referring your clients to Betterfin. An email with their unique sign-up link is automatically sent by entering their email address and pressing the “Send Email” button. After they sign up with the unique link, their financing progress with Betterfin will be associated with your account so you can view, edit, and work with them at every step of financing.

Step 2 - View Your Clients' Financing Progress

You can view the status of the funding process for each of your clients on the main dashboard. Here you can view and edit client info to help them in their funding process. You can also look at a summary of all your clients in the "Loan Pipeline" tab including information like: number of your clients, number of clients funded, total amount funded, and more.

Step 3 - View Our Lenders and Other Information

We offer many different types of financial solutions and our goal is to find the best option a business qualifies for. Our process starts with checking the business’ ability to qualify for an SBA loan. We also work with a variety of community lending programs (ie. Accion). Beyond that, we have a few top partners for each program (ie. Revolving Line of Credit: Fundbox, Equipment Financing: Madison Capital, etc). Familiarize yourself with some of our options in the "Lenders" tab and speak with us to learn more about our lending partners.

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